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新たな始まり- A New Beginning, Vampire Knight Continued

Over the next few weeks, Roy and Rose began to look forward to seeing each other. They'd pass notes by sticking them in between the pages of books they'd pass back and forth.
Roy was beginning to realize that she was abnormal. One day, he'd been stressed about school work, adn she'd said exactly what he needed to hear. Sometimes, she'd answer a question before he'd ask them, or hum the same song he was thinking about.
He was coming up with a plan. He had to know how she was doing it.

I stepped up to the classroom door, annoyed by the light. Why did Yuki Kuran have me running errands during the day?
"Yagari-sensei," I said entering the classroom. It wasn't any of the ones we used during our lessons. It looked more like a college lecture hall.
"Rose," a guy said, sounding shocked. I looked up to see Roy looking at me with surprised eyes. I smiled at him, trying not to feel guilty as the other guys shot him evil looks. Everyone was whispers.
"Yes," Yagari said, not looking away from his students.
I stepped closer to him. Toga-sempai." That's all I needed to say. He nodded to me, his face serious, and motioned to move out into the hallway.
"What's changed?"
"He's been seen. Sara's up to no good. And he's helping her." I was referring to the Pureblood, Sara Shirabuki. Kaname and her. . . They were up to something. Something very bad.
"Does Yuki Kuran know?"
I nodded. "She told me to come and tell you. Kaien-sempai is at his wit's end."
Kaien was Headmaster Cross's first name. Before he adopted Yuki and Zero, he was a Vampire Hunter. He'd always belived that vampires and humans could get along in more of a relationship than humans just gathering intelligence from vampires in a lab setting. There must be more that we, as intelligent creatures, could handle with the humans. Though Kaien Cross gave up on Vampire Hunting as a career, he still gets pulled into it ocassionally. Now is a good example.
"Eh. . . Sit in on this class. We'll talk more afterwards."
I grimaced at the thought of spending more time in the sun, but followed him back inside anyway.
"Students," Yagari said, adressing them. "Rose will be sitting in on our class. Try to look at least partically able to think."
Everyone shifted. I felt the aura of the entire class change. They were all shocked that a Night Class student was not only here, but staying. I caught Roy's eye. He smiled at me, his aura showing excited, pleased colors.
Auras were color fields around the body. Certain colors meant certain things. When you got to a certain level of being able to read them, you could actually start to focus on thoughts. Auras were mirrors to whatever we were thinking. It could show our spiritual thoughts, and our general thoughts. Little flashes of color throughout the aura normally meant small thoughts that the person pushed away or considered. I'd been reading them since I was a small child.
I smiled back at him and took the empty seat beside him. "Hey," I whispered.
"Hey. What are you doing here?" He whispered back. He scooted on his seat to be as far away from me as possible. I gritted my teeth.
"Don't you want me sitting here?" I looked at him, thinking I should have sat somewhere else.
Yagari cleared his throat to return to his lecture. I turned to face him, asking the boy behind me for paper. He blushed and stuttered, but succeeded in handing me the paper.
I watched the teacher, trying to ignore the stares and whispers. The minutes dragged by and I bacame more annoyed. I was out in the sunlight, I'd had little sleep yesterday, and now I was a show for a class of immature humans. To make everything so much better, after this, I had to go deal with damn Vampire Hunters. Don't get me wrong, they were okay people, but they loved to point out all the reasons I shouldn't exist. That tended to annoy.

The bell rang and everyone filed out. Roy stayed behind, wanting to offer to walk Rose to wherever she was going. She sighed and leaned against the edge of Yagari's desk. He had gone to smoke outside.
"You should get to your next class," Rose said, looking up at him. She looked stressed, like after this, she had a huge meeting to attend, and no way to get ready. Physically, she was just as beautiful as ever. Emotionally, she looked absolutely drained.
"What are you doing after this?" Roy asked.
He noticed her tense slightly. "I have to talk to some annoying people," she replied, being honest. "Then I'm going back to the dorm for some sleep."
"You look like you need it."
Rose's eyes narrowed and her jaw set. Her glare was shockingly affective; he almost wanted to shudder. "Sorry," he said.
She looked at him sadly, the glare completely gone. "I am, too." The sadness in her eyes made him want to hold her.
Okay, he needed a serious situation check.
He stood from his seat and walked to where she was standing, books in hand. "What's wrong?" He asked.
She laughed without humor. "What's it matter? This place is lacking two things: a place to show emotions, and people who want to see it."
"I want to see it."
She looked at him for a moment, then a fraction of a smile appeared on her face. "I'll remember that."
A knock sounded from the doorway. Roy turned to see Ichigo leaning against the doorframe, looking at us. His grin was only partically real, Roy could tell that. "Rose," he said. "I was getting worried."
"I'm sorry, Takuma-sempai. I'm waiting for Yagari."
"Do you mind if I wait with you? I also want to talk with the Headmaster." He smiled at her and she smiled back.
"Takuma-sempai, this is Roy," she said, introducing them. "Roy, this is Takuma Ichigo."
Ichigo smiled. "Nice to meet you," he said, holding out his hand for Roy to shake. "Rose has actually told me about you. All good things, of course."
He was polite and Rose seemed to be comfortable around him. Takuma, along with Rose and Michiko, didn't have the mysterious atmosphere that Roy had noticed about the other Night Class students. He was completely open and easy going.
"I'm glad to hear that," Roy said, looking at Rose. She seemed slightly embarrassed.
"Alright," Yagari said, walking back in. He was silent for a moment, looking at them. Roy wondered why the color had drained from his face. His eyes narrowed. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" His voice was now measured, and full of menace.
Ichigo tilted his head to the side, the smile gone from his face. "Waiting for you."
"And the human?"
"I wanted to talk to Rose." Roy was defensive. Why was Yagari making such a big deal? It wasn't like she was going to bite.
Yagari laughed sarcastically. "You're already under her spell." He turned to Rose. "You bite him and I will hunt you down."
Tears rose in her eyes. Roy grabbed her hand and Ichigo's wrist, and pulled them  into the hallway. They hadn't done anything wrong. He wasn't going to let them just take it. They started down the hall. Ichigo migrated to walk a few feet in front of him. Rose stayed at his side.
"I'm sorry if you got in trouble because of me," Roy said, looking over at her. She just shook her head, studying the hallway before them with great care. "Are you okay?"
"You shouldn't be near me," she said quietly. Ichigo looked back at them. "I'm too much trouble," she continued. "I'm not worth it."
Roy stopped and pulled her towards him with his hand. Her forhead laid against his shoulder, perfectly fitting there. His arms went around her. Ichigo had turned around. He looked anxious, but curious and amused.
"So do you want me to leave you alone? And pretend we never met?"
"Then don't say that. I'm here. I don't plan on going anywhere."
Her hand had a grip on his shirt at his chest. She stepped closer, filling the gap between them. "You don't know me as well as you think you do."
"I'd like to."
Out of his peripheral vision, Roy saw her smile slightly. White canines flashed, abnormally long.
What the hell. . . ?
She pulled away, a hand covering her mouth, and ran down the hallway. He was surprised at how fast she was.
Ichigo looked back at him with symapthy in his blue eyes. "You'll see her again," he said. Then he turned and followed Rose.

Takuma knocked on my door. "Rose. . ." I could feel, even through the door, his worry. It made me feel worse to know that I was hurting my friends.
"Come in." My voice was husky, and it broke at the end of 'come.'
He opened the door and sat at the foot of my bed. "Did you get it under control?"
"Mostly. But I've taken over ten tablets, though." Tablets were like blood supliments. The old Night Class had created them as a solution to wanting blood, other than causing pain to humans. You dropped them into your drink, and it turned red. They tasted okay, but they never really sufficed.
"Would you like my blood?" He seemed totally serious, which seemed odd. Takuma wasn't one to be serious in general, but he wasn't one to offer blood in particular.
"Is it okay?"
He laid across my bed and put his hand over mine. "Go ahead."
I leaned over him and tilted his head to the side. He tasted salty-sweet under my tongue. My teeth extended and I bit. He rubbed my back, trying to comfort me. His heartbeat and breathing were fast. And he tasted good, like something indescribably sweet. I closed my eyes, enjoying the pleasure.
After a few minutes, I rolled off of Takuma, breathing hard. "Did I take too much?"
"Are you feeling better?"
I waited a moment to answer, waiting for the knot in my stomach to come back. I felt completely normal- actually, better than usual. I felt rejuvenated. "Yes."
"Then no, I'm glad you took as much as you did."
Things between us were going to be akward now. . .
So here is the next part. In the preview, Takuma is the blonde, and Kaname is the dark-haired one. Both of them had an important part in this chapter, so I thought I should use a picture of them. I felt kinda awkward writing about the part where Rose licks Takuma, but I've noticed that all the vampires in Vampire Knight do that before they bite, so I thought I should include it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Feedback, please.

Part Two: [link]
Part One: [link]
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